5-Hack Today

When Hack isn’t in the studio working on new music, you might find him somewhere on the road on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle…..”Elvis”. Elvis is a 1991 Show Bike, with a ton of chrome and lights, and LOTS of “Flash”…….hence the name Elvis. In Hack’s den are trophies won by Elvis and a source of great pride for Hack. Hack enjoys touring on his Harley and often goes all over the country with his riding pals, Mike “Rowdy” Gentry, Don “Grande” York, Steve “Posse” Chitwood and others. Hack is also a proud member of the Patriot Guard Riders……..an organization of bikers who (at the family’s request) ride in support and protection for the funerals of America’s fallen military men and women.

Hack is a dedicated family man with a lovely wife, two daughters and five grandchildren. Frequent family get-togethers are a staple of the Martin lifestyle……even though his family doesn’t look upon Hack as a “star”. He is just “Dad”, or “Po-Po” to those that love him.

A lover of pets, Hack has 5 cats (3 Manx and 2 American Domestic), and an American Eskimo dog. His main pet is a very large Black Manx cat named Sir Charles (Charlie). He also has a veritable zoo in his yard, which include several squirrels and rabbits, a couple of groundhogs, and birds of every description.

A great lover of good food, Hack often cooks meals at his home and always enjoys his wife’s cooking. “I married a gal that is one FINE cook…….that’s why I am so big these days!”, Hack stated recently. (Hack is 6’4″ @ 235 pounds) If you want to get on his good side, just sit Hack down to a good steak (preferably cooked over Mesquite), some sweet iced tea…..oh….and don’t forget the KEY LIME PIE for desert! After some drinking problems early in his career, Hack now performs clean and sober. He loves to enjoy a cup of good, rich coffee before, during and/or after a performance. “I finally kicked that darned pesky smoking habit, but only after being diagnosed with COPD.”, Hack avows wryly.

Hack (below) with his friend and hero, Willie Nelson


Hack and “Elvis” at the original Harley-Davidson plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin



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