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This is the official HACK MARTIN Website, where you will learn all about one of Country Music’s truly “Hidden” stars. Many of you have heard Hack’s music and seen his performances throughout the years. He is one of the few remaining “Outlaws” in the Country Music world and is considered a true Texas Legend. Hack is listed as a close friend of many of today’s and yesterday’s top stars, and has performed literally thousands of shows…..both on his own and WITH most of these stars.

April 2010, Hack was inducted into the Traditional Country Hall of Fame.

A few years ago, Hack began limiting his live performances and started concentrating on recording his interpretation of “Real” Country Music. His new CD, “Hack Martin-9000 Nightclub Nites” is currently under release and contains 21 Classic songs from his nightclub and dancehall shows. It is a true reflection of his love for Country Music AND the stars who MADE Country Music what it is today. Every song on the CD is or was a hit made by one of Hack’s friends. And it features some of the most talented backup musicians on Earth. “These are the guys that MAKE us entertainers what we are, and THEY are the REAL stars.”, Hack was quoted as saying.

Hack Martin was influenced by many Country Music stars and performers. Not wanting to “imitate”, he usually puts his own spin on music released by these greats. But people like Johnny Bush, Ray Price, Darrell McCall, Kenny Dale and Tony Booth are among the stars that Hack most enjoys being compared to or grouped with.


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